How do I book a lesson?

Click on the registration link above to see what locations still have availability. Have questions or don't see the location you are looking for? Please click on the contact button above and get in touch with Coach Marci directly.

At what age am I able to enroll my child and will he/she really learn to swim?

Each child will learn at his or her own pace and most children will be swimming by day 3 or 4. Children can be enrolled as early as 18 months. Lessons begin on Monday and finish up on Sunday. Continuity of training is of paramount importance.

What can I expect my child to learn in this curriculum?

Your child will have have the awareness (and expectation) to level-out and propel themselves to the side of the pool where they will reach up and grab hold. Once stabilized, they will "walk with their hands" to the safe exit point. They would then simply and safely walk up and out of the pool. They will also develop a comfort with the pool environment and the ability to propel themselves primarily through the use of their legs. As they grow stronger and physically mature, they will spontaneously learn to use their arms and breathe. Equally important they will develop a great pleasure in their new found sport as well as an enhanced self esteem due to increased self confidence.

Will I have to get in the water with my child?

For children 4 and under it's important for parents to learn how to train with their child after the course. On days 6 and 7 I will pass the coaches hat from me to you. Knowing how to work with your child in the water will ensure continued safety and success.

Will my child forget what he/she has learned should we not have regular opportunities to visit a pool after the lessons are complete?

I offer a free 1-day refresher for every 7-day graduate. This refresher can be used during the winter or a year after the initial course. It's up to you!

What if my child cries and/or "pitches a fit"?

Almost all children will cry during the first few days. It's extremely important that I create a bond with your child so they feel safe as I coach them through this period. It's a little psychology and a little tough love (taught to me by my mentor Tom Bradbury).

Where do the lessons take place?

All lessons are conducted in a private and heated home pool. Please arrive five minutes before the start of your lesson and do your best to leave five minutes after your lesson, that way I can offer each swimmer my complete, undivided attention.

How do we prepare for the lessons?

Just bring a towel and a dry change of clothes. Depending on age, a swim diaper would be appropriate. Please refrain from eating or drinking 1.5 - 2 hours prior to the lesson.

What is the cost of the course and when do I pay?

The cost of the program is $500 for the 7 day course and is due on the first day of lessons. There is also a non-refundable $85 registration fee due at the time of securing your lesson spot. After the first several days your child's progress will be apparent.

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