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Teaching children to swim is the most satisfying work I can imagine. I help kids meet big challenges in every lesson and I can watch as their confidence grows. That look in a child’s eye, the way they puff out their chest with pride when they know they’ve conquered something big, that’s why I do this; that’s what makes me smile at the end of every day. I've been teaching in Atlanta and Decatur since 2005.

Coach Marci
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Learn to Swim in 7 Days

Give me seven days, and your child can learn to swim safely and independently. Using the 7 Day Swim method, I teach kids a critical life skill that opens a world of fun in and around the water. So whether your goal is for your child to be safe at the neighborhood pool, to develop greater coordination and strength, or you see swim team in their future, I'm here for you. Sign up today for one of the 7 Day Swim sessions and watch as your child experiences the thrill of achievement in the water!

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